Indian Most Exotic Cuisine

Wow! Look at our friends in India, they look like real chefs! They are doing research about Indian cuisine and they have also designed a blog to share their findings.

Click here to read the blog

See to this delicious dish!

Here our Indian fiends have shared a yummy dessert!



The cuisine in India is as vast and wide ranging as its multi ethnic culture. The delicious and the exotic dishes of India are marked by the subtle uses of spices and herbs. Indian cuisines vary widely from region to region. Different regions adopt different cuisines. India is proud to serve the most diverse cuisine in the whole world. 

Every region has its own specialties and different way of cooking. The style of cooking, flavor and their specialties change with the landscapes. Most of the Indian cuisines are vegetarian but the Indians also love non-vegetarian delicacies cooked out of fish, lamb, goat, chicken and other meats. Food has always been important to the culture of India.

Spices and aromatics are the very heart of Indian cooking. Flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds and bulbs (the simplest of natural ingredients) are used in endless combinations to produce an infinite variety of flavors: sweet, sharp, hot, sour, spicy, aromatic, tart, mild, fragrant or pungent. Their tastes and aromas combine to create a kaleidoscope of exotic flavors to delight the plate. 

By Ms Garg´s class



One thought on “Indian Most Exotic Cuisine

  1. Loads of ideas for new dishes! I’ve tried Indian cuisine, specially fried rice with shrimps. I loooooove it. And chicken masala too. I also enjoy having that garlic flat bread which tastes so good. I never remeber the name! What is it called?


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