We love NYC and its food

Are  you ready to read a great recipe of chocolate chip cookies?

Do you know why Americans like chocolate chip cookies?

Find the answer in the presentation!


Ms Susan Wallace and her class decided to share some school food traditions, here you can read how students spend lunch time in Main Street School, Irvington NY

Students have the option of bringing lunch from home or purchasing lunch in the school cafeteria.  If students bring lunch from home, they are encouraged to put their food in reusable containers and use a lunchbox, not a paper bag.  We try to be as “green” as possible.  There is a menu in the cafeteria as follows (sometimes the options change):

Monday:            Hot Chicken Sandwich

Tuesday:              Breakfast for lunch – pancakes or French Toast sticks

Wednesday:        Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday:            Tacos

Friday:                 Pizza Day!

ny lunch
These are Ms Wallace´s students, they are at the school cafeteria

Additionally there are always other choices:  sandwiches, bagels, yogurt, soup.When students buy their lunch, they are also given a vegetable, fruit and a container of milk.

There are options to purchase additional snacks such as chips, cookies and granola bars and drinks such as “Switch” flavored drink.

Students go to lunch with three other classes in fifth grade, so there is a total of about 60 students.  We have lunch from 12:50-1:45 There is 20 minutes to eat lunch (which is always inside the cafeteria) and 25 minutes to go outside and play.  When the weather is bad, students stay indoors and play board games, draw, do puzzles, etc.  We also have lunch clubs, which students can participate in.  They are:  TV Club, Math League, Garden Club and Homework Club.  If a student is in a club, they eat their lunch with the teacher running the club and spend their play time there as well.

Outside, we have two basketball hoops, a playground, boxball and hopscotch “boards” painted on the ground.  We also have a large grassy field, and students love to play soccer and football!  Spider tag is another popular game!

BY Ms Wallace´s class

Here you can see NYC researchers working on the global cooking project




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