World Famous Kansas City BBQ

Kansas City BBQ


In Kansas Students had WONDERFUL idea they organised  a ” Classroom Food Sharing Day”.  Students were encouraged to bring in a family traditional dish.  Many desserts were brought.  Here are some of the dishes:  Oreo Cookie pudding dessert, Chicken fried rice, Apple Pie, Apple dumplings, brownies, No Bake Cookies, 7-Up Cake, Lemon dessert squares.

Students were stuff and appreciative of the sharing time!


Many people from all over the world travel to Kansas City to try its world famous BBQ.  We host many BBQ championships that attract people from all over the world.  The most famous BBQ competition is called the American Royal World Series of Barbecue. This competition is held in the Fall in the month of October.   The American Royal began in the Kansas City Stockyards as a National Hereford Show.  Now it has grown into much more including hosting one of the World’s Largest BBQ’s.

We live in a region that is predominately farming and cattle production communities. That is why this celebration happens in honor of all the hard working farmers/stock owners.  Even though, Kansas City is a large metropolitan city, our traditions of long ago, still exist.

What makes our BBQ different than all the rest?

Everyone around the world does BBQ differently.  But in Kansas City, we like our BBQ sauce sweet, thick, smoky, and tangy.  We don’t like large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup that fills most BBQ sauces sold on the grocery shelves.  We actually have a little secret for sweetening our sauce that is totally natural, sweet but not too sweet, and full of flavor….it is molasses.  The other big secret about Kansas City BBQ sauce is it is easy to make in your own kitchen.   After making, you can dip any of your favorite meats or braise a brisket with it.

By Ms Friesen´s class


Why do you think that cartoonist Charlie Podrebarac who lives in Kansas City has thought of drawing this cartoon?

Charlie Podrebarac  is Kansas City’s favorite cartoonist. His Cowtown cartoons have chronicled Kansas City culture for more than three decades. His affection for his hometown, including its barbecue traditions are evident!



One thought on “World Famous Kansas City BBQ

  1. Thanks for the tips about your BBC sauce! I do have a quetion about your 7-Up Cake! How do you make it? Do you use the fizzy drink? I would also love to have the recipe of the Oreo Cake!


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