A special present from Students in Argentina to our Global friends

Have you ever thought of learning to make Scones with three English cooks? Children in Buenos Aires, Argentina and children in New York, Usa had the Great opportunity!!

While this was happening in Argentina….What was happening in New York?

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In New York ….Kids were happily cooking and sharing!

Simple ingredients friendly hands!

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Some MEMORABLE moments!


Ss from Argentina invite kids from all over the world to join them in the project!
This is the Bloor family. They live in England, the kids do home schooling and they love working and connecting to different parts of the world
This Class is from Brazil, They live in Brasilia Their teacher is really interested in sharing their food traditions
These kids are in Ms Griffin´s class. Thet are in second grade and they live in Chicago, Usa
This is Dora and her small class, second graders in Texas, Usa
This is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sixth graders are doing research and getting ready for Global fun!
This is another class from Buenos Aires They are also starting the project
Look here we have Mr Michaeil`s class! They are in Sidney Australia. They made a funny video to share their favourite food!
new york
These children are in New York, Usa Their teacher Ms Wallace loves participating in global projects!
global pic
Here we have Ss in Ms Friesen´s class, they are in Usa,in Kansas city. They are also ready to learn cultural differences! I love this picture!
Here we have a group from New Delhi, India, We are all ready to know about their food traditions!